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Spiritual Psychic Readings and Consultations

We are closed for summer and will reopen in Sept 2018
We offer four (4) types of reading services. The General Reading with Spiritual Consultation,General Reading, the Three Question Email Reading and the Yes or No Reading. Readings/Consultations are completed to determine how Sister Angel Rose or Dr. Uro can assist you with your case. Just as a doctor has to do an exam prior to commiting to doing surgery, Sister Angel Rose or Dr. Uro has to do a reading before completing "spiritual surgery." To determine which reading would fit your needs, please read the details listed below. 
General Reading with Spiritual Consultation (FOR NEW CLIENTS AND/OR NEW CASES)
This reading is for those who are looking for spiritual solutions to the problems they are currently facing within their everyday lives. The reading includes all the information given during a General Reading, but gives detailed spiritual advice and recommendations for the problems at hand. During this reading we will also make recommendations for further spiritual work that must be done in order to alleviate/solve the current or impending problems. We each rely heavily on spirit for answers that will assist clients most beneficially. We do not claim to be a miracle worker, but must say that we have seen many miracles take place.  Be aware that we do not accept every case, this is why we complete a reading first.
The length of this reading can also vary greatly depending on the needs of the client. Typically, readings range from forty-five (45) minutes up to an hour.
The cost for this type of reading is $85.00
Call Dr Uro to schedule at 407-283-1780
Call Sister Angel Rose to schedule at 407-283-5456
Emergency Psychic/ Seer Reading with Spiritual Consultation (New & Past Clients)
(For a READING Scheduled Quick. Typically within 1 day to 1 1/2 days of payment)
We began offering this option because many time people have emergency situations and need to speak with one of us as soon immediately. As we are always booked, we felt it important to offer an emergency option to those in need of it.  This reading is the same asthe spiritual reading with consultation for new clients except its guaranteed to be scheduled within 36 businesd hours of payment receipt, unless otherwise listed.  If Sister Angel Rose or Dr. Uro is not available to complete your reading within the 36 hour time frame, you will be refunded the $25 emergency fee and you will be scheduled  as normal. EXCEPT for payments made after 9:00am Eastern time on Saturdays which will be scheduled for the following Tuesday.
The length of this reading can also vary greatly depending on the needs of the client. Typically, readings range from forty-five (45) minutes to an hour. 
The cost for this type of reading is $135.00                
Call Dr Uro to schedule at 407-283-1780
Call Sister Angel Rose to schedule at 407-283-5456
This psychic/ seer reading provides basic information typically concerning your current situations and problems including what choices for further action might be available to you. This reading is a question and answer reading and is great for those who want to make sure they are headed in the most beneficial direction. We also recommend this reading to clients who have worked with us in the past and only want updates on their current and future situations. Depending on your particular areas of interest, your reading may include information on any of the following areas: Love/Romance, Money/Finances, Career/Job interests, Health/ Happiness, Friendships/ Other Social Relationships, Eliminating Evil/Negativity/Jinxing/Crossing/Bad Luck, Court Cases/ Other Law Dealings, and other issues as the Spirit leads.

The length of this reading can vary depending on the individual client's needs and what the spirit may feel is necessary to cover all significant information. Typically, readings range from thirty (20) to Thity (30) minutes.
The cost for this type of reading is $50.00
Call Dr Uro to schedule at 407-283-1780
Call Sister Angel Rose to schedule at 407-283-5456

Setting of Spiritual Prayer Lites on our Alters
We will set a light (candle) for you and/or your loved ones. You need only ask! The cost for this service is only $1.50 to cover the cost of the candle/dressing. If you would like this service, after sending your payment please send me a message including your name, the person's name for which the candle is to be set and the need or desire requested.  Currently we set lights for ALMOST ANY SITUATIONS.
The cost of the candle to set a light for you is $2.00
Forms of Payments Accepted & Policies
We accept payments for readings and services in the following ways:
(1) You may pay for my services by clicking on "Buy Now" and paying with a credit card, debit card, check or bank account through Paypal. Check payments are held for up to 6 days.
(2) You may go directly to the Paypal website and "Send Money" to my email address at sisterangelrose@gmail.com OR brotheruro@gmail.com .
(3) You may send a POSTAL Money Order (only):
For Sister Angel Rose:
T.A. Thomas
1801 N Econ Trail #678322
Orlando, FL 32817
Include your phone number in the memo portion of the money order so we will know how to contact you. You should also contact either of us within five days of sending the item to make sure we received it.
(4) We no longer accept Money Gram or Western Union as this is the form of payment that many scam artists are now accepting from clients. Don't Be Fooled By Fakes! For more information on how not to be fooled by fake psychics and fake spiritual practitioners Click Here
Full Refunds-
Full Refunds will be given only if Sister Angel Rose or Brother Uro cancels a first appointment for a Spiritual Reading and/or Consultation and the client does not wish to reschedule.
Partial Refunds and Rescheduling-
Sister Angel Rose & Brother Uro wait 10 minutes for a scheduled client's call. After the first 10 minutes of no showing the appointment is considered missed.If a client misses the first appointment for a scheduled Spiritual Reading and/or Consultation then he or she must reschedule within 24 hours of missing that appointment or he or she will forfeit all paid funds  and the opportunity to reschedule.  If a client misses the second scheduled appointment, then no refund will be given, nor will rescheduling be available.
Refunds will not be given for any spiritual work/prayers completed as time, energy and spiritual supplies have already been utilized. No exceptions. We make no claims or promises.
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